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    The Department of Public Instruction has reopened the recruitment process and are requesting new nominations of leaders for consideration for this position. Please share this leadership opportunity (a position overview is provided below) with potential candidates. If you want to recommend a leader to the screening committee, please provide the individual’s name, current position, contact information, and a write up on why you recommend this individual, touching on relevant leadership, education, and work experience. Please send those to me ([email protected] and copy Mary Jo Christiansen [email protected]). We will share with the full screening committee.

    Assistant State Superintendent for the Division of Libraries and Technology (DLT) Position Overview:

    The Assistant State Superintendent for the Division of Libraries and Technology (DLT) provides internal senior leadership for the operations, budgets, functions, and initiatives of this division focused on public and school libraries, and technology for internal users and external stakeholders, including every school and district in the state, and the public. Externally, the position takes on a state-wide leadership role related to libraries and technology in education, represents the state nationally in these areas (along with the director of the Library Services Team and the Chief Information Officer – who report to this leader), and represents the State Superintendent on various standing board or committees, such as the Educational Communications Board (which overseas WI Public Television, Radio, and other activities). This leader brings an equity lens to this work and uses tools and best practice to advance this. Additionally, this position is included in the Cabinet of the State Superintendent for the agency’s leadership structure, advising the state superintendent directly on issues and potential general decisions, and taking the lead in this advice on issues and decisions related to the DLT.

    The Assistant State Superintendent reports to the Deputy State Superintendent and is part of the agency division senior leadership team with the four other Assistant State Superintendents ensuring coherence and collaboration internally. The position will hold the agency’s libraries and technology portfolio, with internal and external goals including alignment of external and internal priorities and resource allocation, advancement of the State Superintendent’s goals and work in the areas of libraries and technology, diversifying the workforce and leading recruitment and retention in DLT, and providing leadership for innovative initiatives and program development. Additionally, the job will supervise the teams of the division through the direct reporting structure of the CIO and the Library Services Team Director and has a full-time Executive Staff Assistant.

    More on the teams of the DLT

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