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Becky VoyseyBecky Voysey

We have filled the position of Chief Information Security Officer!

We want to welcome Alan Greenberg to the Department of Administration (DOA), Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) as the new State CISO. Alan is an experienced enterprise CISO, currently employed by a corporate organization that provides large scale solutions to the federal government. Alan has also been a CISO for the University of Arkansas, as well as having filled numerous cybersecurity positions throughout his career. Alan will be starting with DET effective May 24th, taking a bit of additional time to move from Alabama to Wisconsin.

Alan will have his plate full when he gets here, working to become familiar with the many aspects of such a critical role and getting to know the many teams and team members he will be working with during his time at DET.

We are excited to have Alan join us and look forward to what we expect he can bring to his State of Wisconsin role.