What can GIPAW do for me?

GIPAW gives you the opportunity to share your government experience with other IT professionals. GIPAWwill discuss current technology trends related to government and introduce its members to venders that can provide that technology.

Who can join GIPAW?

GIPAW is open to any Wisconsin county, city, village, township, tribe or state agency that utilizes Information and Technology professionals.

When and where does GIPAW meet?

GIPAW has two general membership meetings a year. The spring meeting, our 3-day annual conference, is held in May at different locations around the State. The fall meeting is generally held in September and is also held at different locations around the State of Wisconsin. Please see the Historical Conference Data link for information about past conference content and location. The conference brochure and lodging information will be sent to members prior to the scheduled event with enough lead time to get approvals needed to attend.

Are there any membership dues?

GIPAW membership dues are $50.00 annually. There is an additional $100.00 fee for members attending the annual conference to be paid when registering for the event.

Who can attend the meetings?

Because the county, city, municipality, or agency is the GIPAW member, any employee of the member is welcome to attend.

Who governs GIPAW?

A nine-member board of directors elected by the general membership governs GIPAW. Each board term is for three years with three new members being elected annually. The chairperson and other officers are elected from within the board.